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Dongguan Haocheng Metal Spring Co. Ltd. was founded in 2005, all kinds of precision metal spring, stamping professional production manufacturers. Company covers an area of over 10,000 square meters, the plant area of over 6,000 square meters, with more than 100 Taiwan modern precision production equipment and testing equipment, such as Taiwan CNC502 computer spring machine, Taiwan CNc8cs computer spring machine, automatic lathes and Taiwan High-speed presses, Taiwan steel punch, automatic tapping machine. high-speed centrifugal grinding machine, pull pressure testing machine, torque testing machine, projector, the second element detector, salt spray test machine, film thickness, hardness, continuous Heattreatment furnace.

Has a group of skilled and experienced production technology and management personnel. The company also continued from Japan, Taiwan and other places the introduction of advanced production and testing equipment to improve efficiency and quality, while continuous production and testing automation research and development and improved greatly shorten the product open-proof and proofing cycle andimprove the work According to customer demand, the company can design and manufacture all kinds of precision springs, stamping parts, car parts, screws, Corn, in order to meet the different customers of all kinds of high-quality, high efficiency, high efficiency, demand.

Products are widely used in various automotive, electronic products, household appliances, electrical lighting, computers, mobile phones, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, connectors, home appliances control panel, and other fields.

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Eestablished in 2005

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New site movement in 2007

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2009 new site movement to catch the growth

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2016  Workshops consolidation (spring & metal stamping parts & machine parts)


Sales growth(Unit in ten million RMB)

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Spring Production Workshop

30 Taiwan precision CNC 502 computer spring machines, CNC8CS Yahuang computer machines, Skilled technical staff, Spring rang from ø0.08~5.0mm, Good quality, reasonable pricing

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Metal Stamping Workshop

All kinds of high precision mold making equipment & self tapping equipment, High speed precision tonnage metal stamping machine, 18 years’ manufacturing experiences in metal stamping parts which is widely used for home appliance control panel terminals, inserts, electrical meson and the terminals, superior quality & on-time delivery

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Our goal

The Global leading metal products manufacturer

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Our mission

Value creation for our clients, Win-Win corporation

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Our value

Honesty, fair, reliable, creative

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Corporate style

Hardworking, strict, trustworthy



●  18 Years' R&D Experiences in spring, metal stamping and CNC parts.

●  Skilled and technical engineering to ensure the quality.

●  Timely delivery.

●  Years’ experience to cooperate with top brands.

●  Various kinds of inspection and testing machine for quality.